Florida Citizens Homeowners Insurance Claim Disputes – Can I sue Citizens in the County Where I live?

hurricane blown palm treesSouth Florida homeowners still need to worry about Hurricane season, as we have a little more than two months to go.  With the passing of Hurricane Isaac, which was a tropical storm when it hit Florida, some homeowners throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and the Palm Beaches sustained some form of property damage.  Whether it was roof damage from a falling tree, window damage from a projectile, or water damage from the storm surge,  a claim will have to be made with your Hurricane, Windstorm, Flood and/or homeowners insurance company.  As a result, many South Florida homeowners have sought the assistance of a Hurricane/windstorm damage insurance claim lawyer to assist them in recovering insurance proceeds to repair their property, get alternative living expenses for the time it takes to repair the house damage, or assist them in an insurance claim dispute regarding coverage under their policy.

With Citizens being the primary insurer that insures Florida Homeowners against Hurricanes and Windstorms, South Florida homeowners who did sustain damage from Tropical Storm Isaac will likely be making a claim against Citizens in the very near future.  The question is, if Citizens provides a very low estimate or denies coverage under your policy all together, and you file a breach of insurance contract lawsuit in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties, can Citizens remove the case to Leon County (ie, Tallahassee), given that is where their primary business headquarters reside.

According to the Third District Court of Appeal, they can.  In the recently decided case of Castle Beach Club Condominium, Inc. v. Citizens Property Ins. Corp., 2012 WL 3101528 (Fla. 3d DCA 2012), the Castle Beach Club Condominium sued Citizens Property Insurance Corp. (a state entity), for breach of contract and an appraisal in Miami–Dade Circuit Court. The trial court transferred the case to Leon County based upon Citizens’ assertion of Florida’s common law home venue privilege (Florida common law provides that the state and its agencies or subdivisions enjoy the home venue privilege, ie., venue in a suit against the State, or an agency or subdivision of the State, absent waiver or exception to the privilege, is proper only in the county in which the State, or the agency or subdivision of the State, maintains its principal headquarters).  The Third District Court of Appeal affirmed this decision, holding that Citizens is a state entity protected by the home venue privilege,  no exception to the home venue privilege applied, and Citizens did not waive the privilege.

Moral of the Story: If you are a homeowner that sustains roof  or water damage due to a Hurricane or windstorm, and your lawyer makes a claim against Citizens under your Hurricane/windstorm insurance policy, whether you live in Miramar, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Homestead, Key West, Doral, West Kendall, Davie, Sunrise, Miami Springs, Margate, Pembroke Pines or another area within Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach, know that Citizens can remove the lawsuit to Leon County and force you to litigate hundreds of miles away.

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