Florida Medical Malpractice Law: Common and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Lawsuits For Injury or Wrongful Death Due to Doctor, Hospital or Nurse Medical Negligence

In the many hospitals in the State of Florida, as well as in the multitude of urgent care and personal injury clinics popping up, medical malpractice can happen in South Florida and all over the country. Medical malpractice involves negligence … [Continue reading]

Florida Bicycle Accident Law: What Florida Law Applies if Injured in a Bike or Pedestrian Accident?

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Chipped Tile Insurance Claims: Are They Excluded Under My Florida Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Whether you live in North Florida, Central Florida or South Florida, "chipped tile" or "broken tile" claims are rampant in this state and in such an abundance, its very similar to the way gold mining was in California during the 1800's. However, … [Continue reading]

Florida Workers’ Compensation Law: Most Common and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Employees Injured at Work, Regarding Florida Workers Compensation Claims and Benefits

Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen on the job every day down in Miami and throughout the rest of South Florida, for which employees are injured and require medical care to get them back to health.  When this occurs, Florida has a no fault … [Continue reading]

Florida Workplace Accident Law and On The Job Injuries – What are Workers’ Options Under Florida Law When They Are Hurt at Work, Apart From a Workers Compensation Claim?

Workplace accidents happen on the job every day down in South Florida.  In fact, some of the most common causes of Miami Florida work-related accidents and work-related injuries can include the following: Slip and fall on food, produce, oil, … [Continue reading]

Florida Rental Car Accident Law – Is the Rental Car Company Responsible for Injured Motorists Simply as the Owner of the Vehicle?

Everyday, people come to Florida as tourists from the North East and from all over the world, given our hot temperatures and lush beach towns (such as Miami Beach, South Beach, Hollywood Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, beaches throughout the Florida … [Continue reading]

Florida Motorcycle Laws: What Regulations are Applicable to Owners, Drivers and Riders of Motorcycles on Florida Roadways?

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Florida Motorcycle Accidents – Injured Motorists and the Relevant Law Applicable to Motorcycle Insurance Claims

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Florida Uninsured (UM) and Underinsured (UIM) Motorist Coverage – What are Injured Motorists Entitled to When in a Car Accident?

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Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits – What am I Entitled to Under Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law if I am Involved in an Automobile Accident?

Driving on the roadways in South Florida is a treacherous task for which all owners of a motor vehicle are required to carry a minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability insurance (for when you are at fault and cause damage to another car or … [Continue reading]